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Jennifer is the first CHABA massage therapist
out of the green closet
here in Washington State.

Making history one Class at a Time.


All DOH professionals get CE credits. Everyone who completes the course gets a certification of completion.


As a licensed massage therapist, I have been giving quality massages for the last 17 years. I have also been teaching classes for the past 7 years. Want to learn more about CHABA? The do’s and don’ts? Want to learn what the rules and regulations are? Curious about kids/pets and cannabis or how to incorporate these topicals into your massage business? Register for one of my classes now!!!


Everything is tailored to your convenience. We are doing virtual classes via Zoom. Get the same quality teaching from the comfort of your home. The 101 online class is available for you to learn at your own pace. The 201 online class, to learn at your own pace, is coming soon.

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101 class description:

CHABA stands for Cannabis Health and Beauty Aid and CHABA topicals are legal for us to use and can be beneficial, but do I want to use them and where do you get them? Want to open a cannabis spa and be on top of this green movement? Sorry, but that’s a big no, no in Washington.
This class is designed to provide licensed massage therapists in Washington State with the tools and knowledge they need to stay out of trouble, and understand what can be used legally, as well as the benefits of these products. This fun and SUPER informative course will help you:

• Understand the history of cannabis law in Washington State
• Understand the current rules and regulations around the use of these products
• Maintain safe roles and boundaries with clients
• Understand the basics of CHABA/cannabis and its benefits
• Identify legal CHABA products available in Washington State
• Help you speak confidently about the topic to your clients/patients

Jen Chan

Certified Mobile Massage therapist

Your instructor, Jennifer Chan, has been a massage therapist for 14 years and has been researching this topic since 2011. Jennifer is the first CHABA massage therapist out of the green closet here in Washington State and helped bring to create the current CHABA law here. As a member of N.O.R.M.L. Women of WA, an organization that concentrates on normalization, education and outreach regarding cannabis, Jennifer has been involved in a variety of educational efforts around cannabis and CHABA products here in WA state.

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“Getting historical background, understanding exactly what CHABA is, and having access to more resources. Info was fast paced, but easy to follow. Amazing amount of information, thank you!”

Mary H.

“Great information – Now I can go into the federal sector of work and informed with current laws and updates for the do’s and don’ts of hemp and cannabis.”

Lesley B.

“GREAT CLASS! Will wanna take again! Super stoked you talked about and brought some of the products out there, Definitely took the intimidation out of all the products out there.”